John Minh Nguyen

来自纽约的摄影师John Minh Nguyen毕业于Cooper Union School of Art(库伯联盟学院),他的摄影风格先锋而又充满诗意,通过与多位艺术家以及刊物的合作,John的个人特色愈发鲜明,同时,John也在用他独特的视角,不断的打破传统摄影风格的界限。

John Minh Nguyen’s steady rise as a New York photographer began upon graduating from the Cooper Union School of Art. Along with his peers he set the standard for a unique look in photographic imagery that defined young, ambitious, and groundbreaking artists of the early to mid Nineties. His early work was a voyeuristic journal of his extensive travels where a stunning portfolio was built around his vision for foreign cultures. With his lush and poetic imagery collaborations with other artists, fashion designers, and stylists ensued, leading to multiple fashion spreads. In particular, his stature not only as a photographer but also a consultant at Bruce was of key importance. His extensive body of work has been published in numerous publications worldwide. Nguyen continues today to break the boundaries of conventional photography by approaching it with a photojournalistic sensibility. - R. Katakura

JMN is now partially based in Shanghai and has collaborated with Chinese editorial titles : Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Modern Weekly, Marie Claire.

Also including celebrity/designer collaborations with Lea Seydoux, Eva Mendes, Evan Rachel Wood, Christophe Lemaire, Ines De La Fressange, Katsuya Kamo, Zhou Xun, Yao Chen, Du Juan, Chen Kun, Zhang Jing Chu.